Adventures in the Underbelly

One of the most common questions that I was asked during the Kickstarter campaign for Starguild was “what about rules for cybernetics and psionics?” Well, I had a few very simple rules for cybernetic and drug enhancements in the appendix, but I felt that it could be worth doing a broader treatment of the subject, covering not just the rules but where in the setting they would fit most naturally. This is going to be the first of a short series of supplements to expand adventuring options in additional directions.

The Pitch

Behind the clean and tidy facade of the Core worlds lies an open secret that nobody talks about. The socialites and artists don’t mention it. The government doesn’t want to think about it. And yet there it is. The Noncit zones. Derelict cities mostly destroyed and abandoned during the last Great War. The place where criminals have been exiled to for oh so long. Who knows what populations have grown up off the grid, off the census in those forsaken places of misery?

And yet living under the rule of tooth and claw, of criminal gangs and desperate holds, where no eye is watching, secrets are unfurling. With a population desperate to escape and willing to take any chance to achieve personal power or to win a better life for their families, illegal research into cybernetics and psionics is taking place. Funded by Barons and Lords who are attempting something off the books, or secret organisations with their own agendas, scientists are attempting to bend and break the laws of nature.

What it will contain

This supplement includes expanded rules for Cybernetics and a variety of Psionic powers, and the personal penalties which someone may bear for experimenting with them. There will be calibration settings depending upon whether you like these elements to be grim and gritty or approaching the level of super-powers – Gritty, Noir or Pulp.

It also includes much more detail about two of the guilds responsible for policing the Guildlaws which forbid research into cybernetics and psionics – the Cybercops and the Psicops – as well as a series of scalable NPC foes who have been dabbling in either of those forbidden areas.

Finally, there will be a short series of linked adventures relating to a cybernetic threat and another series about a psionics conspiracy.

In the coming weeks I plan to reveal more about Adventures in the Underbelly.

Until then…



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