Social Conflict – Sow Distrust

This is an extract of the social conflict rules, focusing here on Sow Distrust.

You can turn one character against another by talking to them for ten minutes. The target must be able to hear and understand you.

You must make a Persuade (Sow Distrust) check against an appropriate difficulty class. If you fail the check by 10 or more, their attitude towards you worsens instead. You can attempt to sow distrust hastily in just 1 minute, but this adds  +10 to the difficulty of your check.


Routine (DC 10): The people are likely to distrust each other anyway (e.g. criminals, opposing politicians).
Difficult (DC 20): The people have no special trust or distrust for one another.
Exceptional (DC 30): The people are friends who trust each other well.
Incredible (DC 40): The people are sworn blood brothers or the equivalent, who would normally trust each other with their lives.

Social Damage

If you succeed, your opponent has to make an appropriate Social save. The degree to which they fail the Social save will indicate the depth of their hostility.

Persuaded: They will have a hostile attitude to the target, will not share anything and will interpret anything in the worst way possible.
Convinced: They think that the target is acting against them, and will take the most appropriate response (Criminals might shoot each other, old friends from the Core worlds might try to convince one another).
Overwhelmed: They are convinced that the other person is actually an enemy and take all appropriate actions given their status.

Voice-of-Reason looked across at the two hardened criminals as he tested the ropes binding him to the chair. “Shame you guys are expendable, isn’t it? Well, scar-face more than fatso obviously, since I overheard the boss giving the special orders to fatso. You feeling lucky, scar-face?” He easily makes the DC 10 check and scar-face fails his saving throw handily. Scar face takes a step further away from Fatso and rests his hand lightly on his gun. “Watch out fatso, he’s going for his gun” Voice shouts and a fight breaks out between the two hoods, giving Voice-of-Reason a chance to work on his ropes.

Distrustful PCs

What do you do if someone forces you to distrust someone? It is an opportunity to consider the target of that distrust in the worst possible light. Tend to disbelieve their statements and their motives. Take things the wrong way and think the worst of them.


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