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An alternative opening to the Characters chapter

After some discussion with a few of the kickstarter backers, it seemed that it would be worth looking at an alternative layout for the first few pages of the character chapter.

Specifically, the point that the character sheet didn’t turn up until page 20 (at the end of the character generation) caused a little bit of confusion. The question was asked “why could we not have an annotated character sheet near the start of that chapter, to give a sense of where we are in the process?” Why not indeed.

So I’ve done a modified opening three pages, with an annotated character sheet right up front and centre. It is a three page PDF that can be downloaded here:

alternative-start (pdf)

I’d be very interested to hear whether or not you think it is an improvement. If I ought to change the chapter to start in this way, now would be a good time to do so.

Please respond in the comments below.


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