Kickstarter ups and downs

So people who I know who have already run a Kickstarter campaign have said that it is a bit of a rollercoaster, but I didn’t realise how literally they meant it. No, not a physical rollercoaster, but certainly an emotional one.

I love the highs when I get a ping from my email and see that someone else has pledged to support the campaign. On the other hand the rollercoaster plunges down when I see that someone has reduced their pledge (two occasions) or even worse, cancelled their pledge entirely!

Of course, I remind myself, I really know nothing about what is going on with people who decide to cancel or reduce a pledge. Emotionally it is easy to take these as personal rejections, but I’ve got no evidence of that unless someone contacts me so to say that explicitly. So I’m choosing to tell myself that it is probably something completely independent of me. There could be any number of reasons why someones circumstances change.

I had already read the blog post by Jamie Stonemaier about cancellations while preparing for the kickstarter, and he has some very good lessons here: so it is well worth popping over there and having a read.

Like him, I’ve installed a gmail filter so that I don’t see cancellation messages – they have a disproportionately negative impact emotionally, and really I don’t need to see them – I can see the total each day, and I know roughly where I am in the process.

Of course, I’m still hoping that the project will get funded (I’m currently at 82% after five days, but the rate at which backers have arrived has really plateaued on the last couple of days).

Chin up, eh? Ultimately the reason we ride rollercoasters is for the thrill, right?


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