Cover Art

As part of the preparation for a Kickstarter I wanted to get a cover for the game by a professional artist, and I’m delighted to have been able to engage Claudio Pozas to create this for me.


I’m delighted to be able to announce that Starguild has got a proper cover design at last! I’m delighted by the work which has been done for me by Claudio Pozas (website ) and I think it properly captures some of the core elements of the game.

Genesis of a Cover

When Claudio first agreed to take on the cover design for me, he asked me what I had got in mind. What was the core story for the adventures which someone would play in Starguild. In D&D you might expect a band of adventurers in a dungeon facing monsters; In a vampire RPG you might expect a sinister vampire closing in on a victim. So what should it be for Starguild?

To be honest, this gave me some pause because I wanted the breadth of the canvas people have to play with readily available. As you can see from the introduction to this site, Starguild supports Core world intrigues and Frontier world gun play along with space exploration. How to put all these things together.

After discussing some thoughts backwards and forwards we came up with the central idea which is portrayed on the cover – A story spanning two worlds with allies who may have things to hide from their companions, while keeping in contact across worlds.

The Story

You can see Voice-of-Reason, a shrewd spiritual advisor who is discussing with the core world backers an important expedition which they are bankrolling – an investigation of an ancient temple in lost jungles.

He has drawn aside from them and is covertly discussing with Jane Stark, a veteran military officer who is working with the exploration team off on a frontier world. While the expedition seems close to achieving the aims of the backers, it appears that Voice and Jane have their own plans…

I love the way that Claudio has mirrored certain themes between the two worlds, while keeping the core world sterile and blue and the frontier world earthy and green. The way that we have these two panels floating above a world, with a pair of starships and galaxy in the distance help place it in the broader science fiction setting.

Voice-of-Reason and Jane Stark are two of the example characters who turn up in examples throughout the rules. Hopefully I’ll be able to introduce you to their companions before too long.


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