Iconic People

Normally when people talk about iconic heroes, they are discussing canonical examples of different kinds of heroes in the game. Here I’m using the term to refer to little character sketches of generic people from various walks of Starguild life.


At various points I was doodling on scraps of paper some generic people from different backgrounds for Starguild. Example core world citizens, ranchers, starcrew and the like. I’ve always had difficulty with drawing faces and these were tiny little doodles, so they all had stylised blank faces with simple eyes marks.

Some of them are in the picture above – a Core world citizen, a mercenary, a diplomat, a Frontier world citizen and a naval Starcrew. I quite liked the way they turned out, and I decided that they would make some nice additional interest for the faceless “generic npcs” part of the rules. Rather unfortunately they are all male at the moment – if I can make some time I’ll have a go at doing some generic faceless females too. I’ve got some favourites, and some that I’m a little less pleased with for one reason or another. I’ll probably have a go at new female versions of the ones which I’m less pleased with (and not included above for that reason)

So although they are not a big element of the graphic theming, my little icon men did find a place in the game and do, I hope, give a nice suggestion about some of the NPCs which the players might encounter.

If you think these are interesting or have any suggestions you’d like to make about them, please share or tweet this article. Thanks!


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