Planetary Scenery in the Union

The Union has a mixture of Core and Frontier worlds, all dominated by the cylindrical shape of their structures, whether on the rolling hills of the Core or in the variety of wilderness terrain of the Frontier worlds.


I decided that I wanted to use some landscape software to generate the basic landscapes. Originally it was Bryce, and then some years ago I moved to Vue d’Esprit. The quality that it is possible to obtain with this software is remarkable, but as with all software it takes a considerable time to learn to use it to its best advantage – time that I’ve not yet managed to spare! It has been fun working with the terrain modeller and putting the primitives together to make the structures.

Texturing is one of the key elements to making pictures come to life, and getting the scale and mapping of the textures can prove quite challenging.

This picture of Aqua is one of my favourites in the Union. It is a water world with pylon cities rising up from the shallow reefs. There would be days when the storms rage and the hatches are battened down, but this isn’t one of those days.


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