Frontier Adventures

The frontier worlds are wild and free. Untamed wilderness which is in the process of being explored and subjugated by brave miners and ranchers. You could consider these worlds to be the wild west of the Starguild game.


Whether you are in the trackless jungles of Anderson or the fathomless oceans of Aqua, there is plenty of room to explore. Archaeologists seek hidden research stations from the days of the Azure Empire, hoping to find a fortune in forgotten technology. Scientists work among the deadly carnivorous plants of Lynx to isolate useful new compounds. Prospectors seek valuable new mining sites to sell on to corporations.


Most frontier worlds have three broad classes of people. There are the mining communities, the ranchers, and the townships. There is often little love lost between the miners and the ranchers, although which group has the upper hand varies from world to world. The townships supply both and are needed by both; they are the centre of communities and mercantile activity. Outlaws often gather to form bandit gangs which prey upon convoys of goods or the herd animals. Gun ownership is much more widespread in the frontier worlds, and there are many guns for hire working on both sides of the law.

Which will you be?

Interdicted Worlds

There are some worlds which are ignorant of the star faring civilisations which surround them. They are protected from contact by the guildlaws, but that doesn’t stop people attempting to take advantage. The mediabase is always hungry for stories and videos from these worlds, and there is no shortage of people willing to risk the interdiction satellites in order to perform their research or obtain their recordings.


There are many frontier worlds where one of the allowed levels of war is underway – military action by some combination of government forces and mercenary guilds. There might be asymmetric paramilitary operations against guerilla forces, or full blown war between equally matched forces with a full range of military equipment. Wars and proxy wars abound; enough to run full blown military campaigns, or to just use as a dangerous backdrop to other adventures on the frontier worlds.


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