Interstellar Adventures

It is a science fiction game. Of course there are starships! Interstellar travel is part and parcel of life in the Starguild Cluster. But sometimes it isn’t just some colour as you move from one location to another. It can also be the focus of your adventures.

Tramp freighters travelling across the stars

The classic free traders, in their small courier class starships, ply their trade between the stars. Picking up a commission here, some cargo there, and transporting it to where it needs to go.

Do you engage on lucrative trading missions between the wealthy Core worlds? Or are you gun running to warzones in the frontiers? Good, bad, perhaps a bit of both?

Captain of your ship and captain of your destiny, adventure awaits!

Naval officers keeping the peace in difficult times

Perhaps you are all members of one of the Regime naval vessels. Engaged on diplomatic missions and humanitarian activity in your home regime, or perhaps travelling in the other regimes. Your marines are ready to board other vessels, you are trained for war but working for peace.

You could be part of a five year mission to explore and do science, or relationships might break down leading you into war with your neighbours. Either way you life isn’t going to be a boring one.

Are you ready to sign up, starman?

Guild agents on dangerous missions

Small vessels carry guild agents hither and yon on their missions, especially members of the secretive assassins guilds. Perhaps you are with STAR, working against interstellar crime and piracy? Or Cybercops, tracking down those involved with illegal cybernetic or AI research. Possible working with the mysterious Watch, working to guard humanity from unknown and unsuspected horrors at the edge of space – or in the block next door.

Guildsmen aspire to become Guildmasters, powerful adventurers with unearthly powers. Some might call it a hokey old time religion, but those who make it find a powerful ally in their missions.

Perhaps you’ll be able to work your way up in the guild of your choice – are you ready to step on the first rung of that ladder?


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