Core World Adventures

Officially the core worlds are the most beautiful places to live, full of the most beautiful people. Yet everywhere there is potential for adventure.

The Core worlds across the five regimes are beacons of civilisation. The citizens can live idyllic lives in small communities joined by high speed monorail networks. Poets, artists, sculptors, writers compete in the social fields for followers, building social capital on the back of their talents and influence. Automated manufacturing happens well away, watched over by a few people who enjoy working in that field.

All is peace, joy and barbed comments after dinner. Social climbers endeavour to raise their profile by stepping on the heads and shoulders of those below them. All in the most genteel fashion, of course. The weapons of this conflict are not knife and gun but seduction, innuendo, coercion and bluff.

Common types of adventure

All kinds of adventures which revolve around social conflict are common on the core worlds. Spies infiltrating social parties or guild events in order to gather information about their peers or competitors. Rubbing shoulders with the great and the good in order to get the ear of investors. Journalists who are looking for a great story. Romantics who are looking for a fulfilling relationship.

But there is more that lies below the surface.

The Noncitz zones

People don’t like talking about the noncitz zones. They don’t even think about them most of the time. But they are there. Ruined remains of older cities, abandoned at one time but now occupied by those who have lost their citizenship – become non citizens. noncitz. Some have lost their citizenship voluntarily, others have had it taken from them for legal transgressions. All have congregated in those derelict locations to make what living they can.

There may be many reasons which take adventurers into those zones. There could be rescue missions, attempts to get something important from street gangs, perhaps loss of citizenship in itself.

The Core worlds offer a wide range of possible adventure locations, from the heights of society to the dregs of the noncitz zones. Where will you go?


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