Drawing the Courier Starship

What went into the most common starship used by adventurers all over the cluster?


Inspired by the Millennium Falcon

I loved Star Wars from the moment that I first saw it, and one of the stars for me was always the Millennium Falcon. The freighter which manoeuvred like a fighter, and which could be owned and run by scoundrels. Who didn’t want to fly one of their own? Traveller followed soon after, and the ubiquitous free trader was a staple of adventures in those days.

The Courier class vessel is the equivalent for the Starguild Universe. Small enough that it was potentially affordable by adventurers who were heading out to the stars on their own. As a courier it is primarily designed for carrying small, high value cargos. Some of these cargos will be in standard cargo pods. Some of these cargos will be passengers. Some of it may be illicit smuggled goods.

Design Features

One of the key elements of design which I first put in here and has spread across many of the other ships is the pilots cockpit. The aim is maximum visibility all around; the pilot and navigators seats are on mobile arms which rotate them forward and into the bubble. They have a sensation of floating on air while in active control of the Courier, and the optically transparent cockpit dome can have important large scale information projected onto it.

The main cargo ramp at the front can be lowered for loading of significant cargo under supervision from the navigators chair. The vessel is streamlined for atmospheric entry so that it can land anywhere that is needed. I was experimenting with two point perspective for this drawing. Probably I had the two vanishing points a little too close together, because it forces the perspective a little more than I wanted, but overall I’m still quite happy with the result. It started off as a pencil sketch, which I then inked in and scanned.


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